Cre8ive, Launches with, The First A.I. Powered, Personal & Professional Development Super App, Built for Daily Success Conditioning.

-A pre order campaign has been launched for a personal development platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to bring people closer to their goals of living a balanced and successful life.

-At a time when entrepreneurship is at an all-time high, Cre8ive brings you the future of personal development and self-optimization, which will eradicate distractions and help keep you focused on success.

Los Angeles, Calif. – August 15, 2016 – Today, Cre8ive, the team behind the successful digital agency Cre8ive Business, is launching a new way to stay balanced and motivated throughout the day, while helping make a difference in the world. Built by Co-Founders Nate Siam, Julia Diamond and the talented team at Cre8ive Business, the brand new platform uses a combination of tools, content and proven success strategies, combined with advanced A.I. technologies, to ingrain successful habits in their users, which promote daily growth. Using this technology, Cre8ive will offer an entirely new way for individuals to start building habits for maintaining a balanced and conscious lifestyle, while staying focused on achieving their own definition of success. The company plans to fund its final stage of development by running a crowdfunding campaign on its site at

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“Currently there is a major paradigm shift taking place in the world, with a new generation of entrepreneurs who see social, economic and environmental problems for what they really are – opportunities to meet an unmet need – and who are applying their energy and talent to build a better world.” says Co-Founder Nate Siam, who is a leading expert on social entrepreneurship. “We built, Cre8ive to empower this new breed of socially conscious entrepreneurs and we are committed to engaging this generation in thoughtful, meaningful ways.”

Cre8ive, is an amazing multi-feature app that brings the convenience of many different tools and features into one clean, easy to use app for your IOS/Android smartphone or tablet. Cre8ive, is specifically tailored to meet the needs of young entrepreneurs and extremely busy people that are looking for an all-in-one solution that can help make their lives a bit easier. Cre8ive’s A.I driven technology is specifically designed to promote and achieve a better lifestyle. This powerful app helps promote focus, concentration, motivation, brain fitness, sleep, productivity and overall personal growth so that users can reach their goals and live a happy balanced life. Not to mention the clean & pleasant design, ensuring that you will have fun while using Cre8ive!

This is the first artificial intelligence (A.I.) personal development, productivity, motivational, social network, education and entertainment app tied together into an all-in-one super app with over 28+ different features. The tools within the app are combined with A.I. technology that is designed to release Dopamine for increased productivity and focus, in order to remain motivated while you work and throughout your day. With a clean design and easy to use menu, Cre8ive offers categories such as Learn, Listen, Watch, Attend, Look and Play in order to stimulate all of your senses, for maximum growth potential.

How it works, each separate app feature from meditations to podcasts are analyzed by the user’s Cre8ive Balance Meter. When a user consumes content or completes a task on their todo list, they can randomly trigger a boost of Dopamine and an increase to their balance meter. Once the balance meter is full the user will level up to the next level. The technology will not always give you a reward. This is to keep the user’s brain in anticipation of the reward and to help insure the release of Dopamine at just the right moment. The A.I. will continually get smarter the more you use it, which will ensure lasting results. All of which helps engrain successful habits in our users. Dopamine has long been associated and popularized for its connection to pleasure. It’s true Dopamine is the brain’s pleasure chemical! Pleasure is one of the multiple effects of dopamine on the body, but it has a flurry of other effects including: motivation, memory, behavior, cognition, attention, sleep, mood and learning. This chemical, combined with all of the features included in the app, equates to a winning combination.


-Productivity Driven Tools

-Personal Growth Content

-Balance Chart & Meter

-A.I. Driven Habit Building System

-Professional Network

-Background Playing Audio

-Clean Navigation

-Quick Loading

Cre8ive’s crowdfunding campaign officially launches today, and the company is hoping to finalize development and launch into the app stores by Fall 2016. The platform will retail for $9.99 per month or $99 annual, but a limited number of Founding Memberships will be available to pre-order and those who join will enjoy either a locked-in 50% discount on their monthly or annual fees or a lifetime membership.   Lastly founding members will have the chance to join Cre8ive’s Affiliate Referral program and earn 18% commissions on any founding members they refer, plus a percentage of all sales will go directly to help fund The School of Dreams foundation.

To learn more about Cre8ive, become a founding member or to check out their crowdfunding campaign, please visit:

About Cre8ive

Cre8ive was founded in 2014 by a leading team of app developers, designers and personal development experts in Los Angeles, California. Born out of a dream to help change the world, Cre8ive is designed to be a central hub for personal and professional growth while also bringing together like minded individuals for a common goal of making a difference in each other’s lives and in turn the world. Built to eradicate distractions and keep focused on daily growth, Cre8ive, is the only all-in-one solution for Daily Success Conditioning. Coming soon to iOS & Android.

Contact Information

Name: Nate Siam, Co-Founder


Phone Number: (424) 644-1234 ext. 807


Release Date: Coming Fall 2016

Developer: Cre8ive Business, based in Los Angeles, CA

Platform: iOS 7.1+, universal app for iPhone & iPad
Android 4.0+, universal app for Phones & Tablets

Price: Free Version (Tools Only) & Paid Version ($9.99/month)