Cre8ive App & The School of Dreams, Are Teaming Up To Change The World!

“A Portion of all Founding Membership Fee’s Will Go Directly to Helping Build, The First School of Dreams Community Center.”

The School of Dreams aims to build community centers in third world countries around the world, to love, educate, and inspire children.

Their #1 Goal, is to provide children with the tools and inspiration to reach for their dreams, for a better tomorrow! 

They are currently in the process of raising funding to complete the first School of Dreams, which will be specifically for the indigenous tribes of Mexico. They use the power of play and creative workshops to educate and empower children to be guardians of their own health and active participants in their communities.

The School of Dreams programs create positive experiences and teach important life skills that encourages them to follow their dreams. At the core of every activity is our Reflect-Connect-Apply approach, which encourages children to examine their experiences, relate those experiences to what they already know and apply that learning to their daily lives. This strategy helps children adopt and maintain lifelong healthy behaviors and attitudes.

Their programs focus on creating positive, sustainable change in three areas: using music, art and workshops to educate and empower children and youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in disadvantaged communities. Their games and activities teach children important life-saving lessons, like how to wash their hands and take care care of their health or how to use tools. They also provide the children with the tools and resources to discover there dreams in life and show them the infinite potential they poses. Which can take them in life far beyond the poverty they are accustomed to.

In order to change history for generations to come.

Great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the minds of little children.

– Sir Herbert Read