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Each separate feature in Cre8ive from tools to meditations, are designed to build daily rituals for success and are analyzed by your Cre8ive Balance Meter to give you a clear view of your personal growth. When you consumes content or complete a task on your todo list, it can randomly trigger a boost of Dopamine
(a Reward) and an increase to your balance meter. Once your balance meter is full you will level up to the next level.

Who will become the first, Cre8ive Master (lv. 50)?

Our technology will not always give you a reward.
This is to keep your brain in anticipation of the reward and to help insure the release of Dopamine at just the right moment.
Our A.I. will continually get smarter the more you use it, which will ensure lasting results.

All of which, helps engrain successful habits in your life.


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1. Set Up Profile

Customize your notifications as well as set your current life goals to enable our A.I. to help keep you focused along your path to success while also connecting with other Cre8ives!

2. Consume Content

Our technology will give you a boost of motivation (aka Dopamine) at just the right time while also boosting your balance meter and helping you level up towards Greatness!

3. Analyze Your Growth

By analyzing your Balance Chart, you will be able to form new habits while also learning how to maintain balance each day and keep growing towards becoming a Cre8ive Master!

What is Dopamine?

Dopamine has long been associated and popularized for its connection to pleasure. It’s true Dopamine is the brain’s pleasure chemical! Pleasure is one of the multiple effects of dopamine on the body, but it has a flurry of other effects including: motivation, memory, behavior, cognition, attention, sleep, mood and learning. This chemical, combined with all of the features included in this app, equates to a winning combination for success!


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